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June 19, 2012

Meet the Trevinos: Rene & Trisha

"You're the only one.
Cupid's bow has stung.
Now you're the only one." 
The Only One. The Black Keys

Some things in this life you never see coming.  Sneaky cops waiting to catch you with their radar, reading in your bed and then looking up to see nothing other than an unwelcome spider, getting rear ended on your way to work, or stumbling across that perfect find for your home at a garage sale.   Love is one of life's sweetest surprises.  I have said it before, I will say it again, the unknown is my favorite.   It can be one of the scariest things, but it is all how you look at it.   I choose to transform that fear into courage and look at it as a clean slate, a new start.  The abundance of possibilities far outweigh the what if's that can find flood your thoughts.   

I was reminded of this as Trisha's father stood by her side giving a toast at her wedding reception.  He recalled a memory....  Days before she would run into the man she now calls her husband, she confided in her father over lunch sharing her inner most fears over the uncertainty of what the future held.   She had just finished college and was about to take a chance and make the move to Texas.  As exciting as these transitional periods can be, they can also be somewhat disorienting.  We all have these moments.   The moments of "what next?"  It seems like these moments often happen right before something big.   Little did Trisha know at the time, but she was exactly where she was meant to be.  I am a strong advocate of everything happening for a reason.  One chapter leads to the next chapter.   This was the chapter that Rene walked into a small little bar right outside of Dallas, Texas and saw the stunning blonde woman he now shares his last name with.  

Congrats Rene & Trisha.  I hope you savored every moment in Antigua!  Thank you for inviting me in to capture you love story in a way that I hope brings you back to this beautiful day each and every time you flip back to this chapter that is just the beginning of your love story.   I adore you both.  :)  
And this dress......I also adore.   ADORE ADORE!     

Trisha opted for the First Look.   This moment says it all.
Looking good you two!

Then we headed to Kirkwood for some prime photo op time...

This may be one of my most favorite photos I have ever taken.....
When the bridesmaids said how much they wanted to recreate the scene on the cover of the movie Bridesmaids, you better believe I was more than excited to set this shot up!!!   
Then we made a quick stop by my most favorite alley ever!!   This alley never does me wrong...
Beautiful ceremony.   
And then it was time to celebrate!!   St. Albans Country Club was a beautiful location for this party! 

And the portrait of Rene & Trisha below....That backlight is the kind of stuff dreams are made of!    
Trisha had a candy bar, which I always make sure to stop by at some point in the night.   Skittles are her favorite candy, so Alicea decided to incorporate them into the ring shot.   :) 
As Trisha danced with her father to "My Girl", I could not help but smile behind my camera and take a mental note that this was one of my favorite moments of the day.   I can feel the joy between them exactly the same way I did on their wedding day as I look at this moment frozen in time. 
Trisha & Rene had me come down to the town they not only live in, but fell in love in for their engagement session.   Check out their Dallas, Texas engagement session HERE.

Check out Rene & Trisha's Slideshow HERE.

And a big thank you to Jeff & Michelle with Ever After Films for sending Trisha our way!  We always love working with you, and will continue to send our brides your way!     Any future brides looking for a videographer, make sure to meet with these two.  :)

And a LeLe wedding aint a LeLe wedding without a little Behind the Lens fun....

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