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April 24, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday Patrick Jr.!!

[by Ash-a-ley]
One whole year.   It seems like such a long time when you stop and think about where you will be one year from today.    In retrospect, it is quite the opposite.   When you are looking back on the year, it always seems as if it flew by.   I always get these sentimental attachments to my BirthStory babies.   It is so hard to believe that these babies that one year ago I saw as bumps, and then saw their parents lay eyes on them for the first time are now turning one, and some are even becoming big brothers and sisters.   I haven't seen Patrick in about 3 or 4 months, and when I showed up to take his 1st birthday pics, I could NOT STOP "ooh-ing" and "awwww-ing".    His big baby blues, chubby little checkers, and buddha belly all still remain, but I could not take how much hair he had now!!!    He was my little cabbage patch doll!!!    SOOOOO CUTE!!!!!     With parents like Sarah & Pat, would you really ever expect anything different!?    I have said it before, and I will say it again, thank you guys for inviting me into your lives.   I feel so blessed to have clients like you and your families in my life.    :)   Happy 1st Birthday Patrick Jr.!!
Sarah and Pat chose to do their photo session at Grandma & Grandpa's.   Of course I had to snap a couple of them with little patrick, a group shot, and spend a few minutes with just the two of them.   I asked them something I usually find myself asking lots of people........When was the last time (aside from your wedding day or pics with your kids) that you two had your photos taken......just the two of you?    Their answer....the same as many married couples.....never.    This is a married couple who has made it through all of these years together, raised a beautiful family, and now has the most precious grandchildren...a couple so in love, you could feel it while in the same room.  I was so happy to get to pull them aside for a few minutes to snap a few for them, without the wedding dress and without the kids.....just the two people that fell in love and started the family that started it all.   Whenever you two lovebirds are ready for your full anniversary session.....let me know! :)
No 1st birthday session is complete with out a little smashing of the cake!!!!
Patrick had to get in on a little cake action.   I was laughing so hard that it is a miracle I even got this shot in focus!    I do not know what I like better, the fact that a grown man is diving head first into his child's birthday cake, or the look on Patrick Jr.'s face as he looks over at his mom/Grandma/Grandpa.   I vote that this needs to be Pat's new cover photo for Facebook.   :)

And a little flashback for you....Here is Patrick's BirthStory.....
Garlich BirthStory from LeLe Photography on Vimeo.

Their Ripe Belly session was one of my most favorites....ever.    HERE is the link to that full blog post.    

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